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From the first (I think) ChicagoTARDIS con, although it had a different name.

Back row: Ian Marter, Tom Baker, John Nathan Turner, Patrick Troughton (and beard), Peter Davison, Jon Pertwee and two people whom I cannot identify, but who are probably members of the crew.
Front row: Janet Fielding, Elisabeth Sladen, Carole Ann Ford, Mark Strickson, someone who looks like a second Janet Fielding Sarah Sutton, Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm and Nicola Bryant.

That's awesome, it looks like a really confused class picture.
I know! Nicola Bryant looks like she just snorted a whole lot of something.
Yes, not her most flattering picture, but I'm sure there's been worse. She's always gorgeous.
It's Sarah Sutton, btw.
Oh, thanks. Her hair confused me.
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
If I had a time machine...
this just got added to my list of places i would go with my time machine. um, most of the list is, "DINOSAURS OMG".

also: pat with the beard and the bow tie and the suspenders is like pure sex. PURE.
And THIS is why I love you. Or, at least, these are exhibits 5-7.
Wow, just came across this image on a SJS website and had to comment. Certainly a strong candidate for Best Picture Ever! A positive pantheon of immortals. What golden days they were, so long and sadly gone. Raise a glass to the once and future Tardis and all Who sailed in her.
I remember this shot and believe it was a 20th anniversary DW convention -- so, wow, 1983! I don't remember the name of the convention at all, though it was in Chicago; I don't know the history of ChicagoTARDIS. Visions was in Chicago and many fans loved it, though I can't remember when it began. (It died sometime in the late 1990s.)

Wasn't it Sarah Sutton between Strickson and Jameson?
I want a time machine NOW. And to shout 'group hug!' quite forcefully.
Hee, Janet looks like she had a few drinkies before this.
::FLAILS:: Zomg, teh awesome!
I think the two on the end of the first row are "Pip" (Philip) and Jane Baker. Long time writers for the show.
it was Visions before it was Chicago TARDIS, but i think it may been something even before that as well. i will ask!
So cool!
That must have been the most epic con of all time. Jeez.

And, um, Pat Troughton with a beard is not helping my beard fetish!
OMG! Do you realize that picture has (for the time)every living Doctor in it? Can you imagine trying to orchestrate that now? That's awesome.
Oh. my. God. That would have to have made it the Best Con Ever. I am... just... I... speechless with WIN.
Awesome. I'm trying to imagine what Sarah Sutton and Carole Ann Ford are laughing about, and what Louise Jameson and Mary Tamm are talking about.
I want to have that photo's babies. ♥
I'm actually delurking because this photo is that epic. Oh God, if only I did have a time machine...
The photo is from the Ultimate Celebration, the 20th Anniversary of DW convention held in Chicago over Thanksgiving Weekend, 1983. The two people in the top row right, next to Pertwee, are Fiona Cumming and Peter Moffat. (Directors of several 5th Dr. stories.)

The Ultimate Celebration was the 1st of three Thanksgiving Conventions in the mid 80's put on by a company called "Spirit of Light." The other two were TARDIS 21 (1984) and TARDIS 22 (1985). No relation to the current Chicago TARDIS, other than many of CT's staff members attended the cons....

Visions ran 1990-1998; Chicago TARDIS started in 2000 and has its 10th convention this Thanksgiving, with Paul McGann and other guests t.b.a.
you're a star! <3<3<3
Oh, Pat. What [i]is[/i] that on your face?
Patrick Troughton (and beard)

..There are no words. At all. I've been trying to think of something all day, but THE BEARD stops me every time.

Louise Jameson and Mary Tamm are alarmingly gorgeous, though. They should become private investigators and fight evil.

*scrolls back up to stare at the Four Doctors some more*